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On Wednesday we (workITaround) received a question to investigate homeworking for users without a laptop. We showed a solution and DALDELWOLF agreed to go ahead with the implementation. We provide a Windows desktop in the cloud, using AWS WorkSpaces. This desktop is connected to the DALDEWOLF network, you can use DLEX as if you are at the office. It is possible to run this desktop from any (internet connected) device after installing a small application: (see how to). You can use the same windows credentials as in the office.


Every desktop has the following software installed:

  • Office 365

  • DLEX

  • Various tools:

    • Firefox (workITaround recommends using Firefox by default)

    • Chrome

    • 7-zip (unzips all known zip formats, just right click on the file you want to unzip and choose 7zip from the dropdown)

    • Acrobat Reader (pdf)

    • AnyDesk workITaround (remote assistance tool like TeamViewer)


We created some guidelines, the first 2 you are obligatory to perform:

  1. Howto_AWS_WorkSpaces.pdf: explains where to download and install the client software and how to connect. This can be installed on any device you own.

  2. Howto_office365.pdf: steps to perform to start using teams, word, outlook and OneDrive

  3. Howto_language.pdf: by default, your cloud desktop is in English. However you can easily change to French or Dutch (or any other supported language).



We also migrated your home drives (better known as T:\ or H:\) to your personal OneDrive. In your OneDrive you can find a folder ‘Home’ that includes all your files. From now on this will be your only home drive: you will not have an H or T drive on your desktops anymore (to prevent different versions of the same file).


We understand that you might need more software, however since the short time we agreed on the above applications. If you need something, please book a ticket in our Service Desk platform or send a mail to, as explained in the attached PowerPoint (WIA_ServiceDesk.pptx). We will help you as soon as possible.


On Monday we will be available from 8am till 6pm. We prefer that you always create a ticket, for urgent issues (and after creation of a ticket) you can contact me using Teams or by calling +32 467 015 942 as a last option. You can find me on Teams by searching for ‘' and clicking on ‘Search externally’:








Nick Cloostermans

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